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Your 2013 Marketing Plan: Connected. Interactive. Available.

Marketing StrategyAre you connected, interactive and available? If not, 2013 is the year to make it happen. Today’s companies need to focus on effectively connecting and interacting with their buyers, which means being available almost 24/7 in today’s connected society. You can avoid being yesterday’s news by putting together your 2013 marketing strategy in advance.

Traditional advertising strategies as the primary tactic of reaching consumers are viewed as overly promotional by today’s buyers. Instead, buyers are looking for direct communication, engagement and validity from their friends. Buyers tend to turn to social networks before they buy. On these sites, they can ask their contacts questions and get referrals.

Your company needs to focus on building connections where your buyers are. Place your message and your brand everywhere your buyers are – remember the old marketing adage that people need to see the message multiple times to remember it? Well, that is still true. The Internet is your new storefront; almost everyone starts their search for products and services on a search engine or social media site. And, best of all, the Internet allows your store to be ‘open for business’ and to be connected and interactive with your customers and consumers at all times. Don’t overlook or underestimate the power of a cohesive program that starts with creating the right story and leveraging it via media relations, social media, email marketing, community relations, online banners, print advertising, search engine optimization and your website.

2013 is all about giving control back to your company. Control your information, your message and your marketing plan by identifying what you need to include in your budget to become connected, interactive and available. Controlling your message, your data and your interaction with your customers will keep you in control of your brand and help you to manage your reputation. Both of these will strengthen your business in 2013.

If you’re ready to implement an interconnected marketing strategy designed for the modern era, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.