Your Blog’s Recipe for Success

Blogging in CharacterWhen it comes to your company blog, you want to make sure you are following a simple recipe to ensure success: mix one part good content with one part personality, blend them together and repeat often. Just a few easy steps involving relevant content, frequency and of course, a little bit of character will help make your company’s blog stand out from the rest. While you may have the information and consistency of posting down to a science, often times creativity (a key ingredient) gets forgotten. And, while blogs can be effective without this ingredient, with it they truly become something that will have readers coming back for seconds.

Take Wilson Parker Homes, for example. This regional builder is represented by a four-legged canine mascot, Wilson Parker. He is the “author” of many of the builder’s blog posts. He transforms what would be just an ordinary announcement about a new community or incentive into a playful, fun message. With phrases like “tail-wagging,” “four paws up” and “sniff” in his vocabulary, as well as his doggy opinion inserted throughout the posts, blog readers can’t wait until he digs up new posts for them to enjoy!

Another example comes from They transformed their blog on credit scores, a topic not typically seen as fun, into a modern day version of good cop versus bad cop. Blogs featured characters that also seen in their television commercials. — the “Good Score Guys,” good credit scores that speak in helpful, upbeat tones, and “Billy Bad Score,” a bad credit score with a little bit of mischief up his sleeve.

These are just a couple of examples of how brands have turned what could be just your average blog (think school cafeteria mystery meat or Spam) into that product that everyone wants the recipe for (think your grandmother’s famous chocolate cake).

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