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Your Influence Meter 2.0

Mitch Levinson Klout ProfileKlout, the tool for measuring and leveraging your social media influence, recently released an upgrade to its application programming interface (API) , as well as several new features.

Version two of Klout’s API includes several new features. The site is now “Klout-focused” instead of “Twitter-focused,” meaning that users now have Klout IDs separate from their Twitter handle. This change will help the site spread to more social networks moving forward. The new API is also faster, smoother and touts a new caching system. Finally, since the API is more in sync with Klout’s existing framework, they will be able to release new features more frequently and more easily.

Klout is still in the process of building scoring models for Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube,, Blogger, and Flickr, but these services are already integrated into users’ dashboards. Klout is also planning on adding Yelp, Posterous, Disquis, BranchOut,, Livefyte and Quora. They are also expected to improve the recently released topics feature and the perks platform.

Klout is a great way for businesses to show customers that they know what they’re talking about. Klout measures influence online using data from social networks. The more engagement and actions your social media posts receive the higher your Klout score becomes. In addition, users can give +Ks in regards to certain topics such as social media or public relations to people they follow. For example, mRELEVANCE owners Mitch Levinson and Carol Flammer are both influential in marketing, real estate, social media and sales.

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