YouTube Gets a Facelift

mRELEVANCE YouTube PageYou might have noticed/heard that YouTube got a new look.

Launched April, 1 2010 the new cleaner, more streamlined YouTube was rally not an April Fools prank.

Here are some of the changes you’ll need to take note of as you’re navigating the new page.

The biggest change is the design change of the right hand navigation bar. Where there once was YouTuber (ie YouTube user) information, a picture, and the embed code for your favorite videos, you’ll now find a clear streamlined list of relevant videos, both by the user whose channel you are viewing and others as well.

The next change is what YouTube calls the uploader section. This change puts the user name link,  additional user videos and subscribe buttons above the video on the left, making it really easy to find more from your favorite YouTubers. Wondering where the video descriptions went? They are now underneath all YouTube videos and can be collapsed or expanded at will.

The video controls have changed, making it much simpler to watch your favorite videos at any size. Speaking of favorites… Like a video? You no longer have to decide just how much you like it. Instead you can simply rate videos thumbs up or down, eliminating the need to determine just how many stars your favorite videos are worth.

The Save To button next to the Like buttons is a simple way to add a video to your favorites, to an existing playlist, or to create a new playlist with someone else’s video. Want to extend beyond the YouTube site? the Share button is a super easy solution. Simply click Share, select your favorite social site and you can either take a clean link or directly bring video to your site.

Your video views are still prominently displayed on the page and by clicking the highlighted area you are now able to see stats, links and honors associated with each video. This making tracking your views easier than ever. Plus you get fun new information such as age demographics and sex.

Visit the mRELEVANCE YouTube page today and see all the changes first hand. The new clean look really ads a lot to the site and makes everything much easier to find and more manageable. Well done YouTube!