COVID-19 Marketing Audit

Supporting your remote business needs 

FREE COVID-19 Marketing Audit

'New normal' is changing the way we all do business, and has certainly created an unusual possibly frustrating work environment. Businesses are changing very rapidly and, quite honestly, may never go back to the 'old way.'

With over a decade of experience implementing remote work-space environments, our team at Marketing Relevance are experts at utilizing tools like Zoom, Slack, Goto Meeting, Office365 and GSuite cloud and more. 

As part of our efforts to give back, our team has been actively responding by helping companies implement a remote/distant workforce. We are offering this as a new complimentary service. If you need support transitioning your company to this new environment, we are here to help. Please fill out this form to schedule a FREE COVID-19 Marketing Audit.

In addition, we have been offering our traditional marketing audits at half price (typically $1,000-$1,500, now ~$500) to help understand messaging through this tough time, and stay relevant where possible. 

Having an effective website and digital presence is even more critical today then it has ever been. We want to make sure you have the support you need, so we ask that you please request your scheduled time today, to secure your FREE COVID-19 Marketing Audit

Stay safe and we hope all is well.

The Marketing Relevance Team

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