Soak Up Public Relations


Windsong BathroomIf you haven’t already, it’s time to “soak up” a great public relations program. Since early on, the active adult home builder Windsong Properties has believed that public relations is one of the best ways to spread its news. This strategy has definitely paid off with tons of excellent coverage. Recently, the Atlanta Journal Constitution featured the builder’s luxurious bathrooms in the Homefinder section.

When mRELEVANCE was originally approached by one of the Homefinder’s reporters, we knew that Windsong Properties, one of our public relations clients, would be a great resource for photos and design tips. Windsong Properties designs its bathrooms with accessible features for its active adult buyers. For instance, bathrooms may include low-curb showers with bench seats, soap niches and optional hand-held shower heads. The reporter enjoyed the builder’s bathrooms so much, that one photo was even placed on the cover of the section.

Though the prospect of being featured in “Bathrooms getting splashy” was presented to mRELEVANCE directly to pitch out to our clients, Windsong Properties was top of mind because of their quick response time and eagerness to do interviews. Remember, even if you have a public relations program, you still have to be open to reporters’ deadlines. If you aren’t, your company may never receive good coverage.

So, take Windsong Properties’ example and be sure to “soak up” public relations for your company. If you need help, just contact mRELEVANCE today by calling 770-393-3360 x 26.