Meet the Neighbors: How News Releases turn into News Stories


Alderwood How can a knowledgeable public relations team who has good relationships with the media enhance the success of your business? With a public relations team who is in tune with reporters and what they are looking for, gaining recognition from a broader audience is more likely to happen.

Earlier this year, an Atlanta Journal Constitution reporter reached out to mRELEVANCE after reading our news release about an Ashton Woods Homes townhome community located in Sandy Springs. The reporter, Lori Johnston, writes real estate articles for the well known newspaper and asked the mRELEVANCE public relations team for more information about the townhomes and if there were any happy buyers to interview.

What started as an interest in the community eventually developed into a story of one of the new townhome owners at Alderwood, Johnny Carino, owner and chef of Johnny Carino’s Italian Restaurants. The article in the Private Quarters section features several big, beautiful photos of the interior of Carino’s Ashton Woods townhome, which is located in Sandy Springs. The photos highlight the home’s abundance of natural light and the home’s desirable design. The text accompanying the photos gives information about the furniture, décor, the townhome itself as well as the Alderwood community.

Without the news release about Alderwood, the story about Johnny Carino’s new Ashton Woods home probably would not have been written. Ashton Woods Homes now has a great publicity piece as well as recognition that prominent people are interested in its homes.

When your public relations team has good relationships with reporters, understands the market and releases relevant news that will interest reporters, your business will see positive outcomes. If you need help with your public relations program, contact mRELEVANCE today.