How Do I Get a Reporter to Know I Even Exist?


Builder MagazineWe recently wrote about the importance of having strong relationships with reporters to get our clients “ink.” But obviously, we don’t have one-on-one relationships with every reporter out there.

Sometimes you see an article that’s about a national trend or offers helpful tips, and it includes quotes from someone in the same line of business as you. A quote that you could’ve given if the reporter had just asked you instead. And you really wonder how did they get in THAT article???

We don’t know every reporter on Earth, but there are a few tools that really do help us connect with reporters around the world.

One tool that public relations professionals use is a public relations software subscription/service. Our comprehensive public relations software service has a media database with profiles and contact information of hundreds of thousands of journalists and bloggers, allowing us to build connections with people that we might not have otherwise ever known about. We are also able to share news directly with those contacts as well as publish information online where it can be found by anyone.

Another valuable tool is utilization of an online community that reporters use to find expert sources. Say, for example, you’re a custom home builder. You and your staff could be a great source to reporters writing on topics from construction to design trends to industry changes. The problem is that reporters don’t know you exist. These online communities help reporters find you!

Our staff also has subscribed to an email query service that delivers three emails per day, filled with requests from reporters looking for people to interview for stories. When we see a request that fits one of our clients, we can immediately respond with an offer to set up an interview.

So, we have a few tricks up our sleeves. These tools help us connect with reporters and discover stories, like the one that we recently landed in Builder Magazine. The article spotlighted our client, Acadia Homes & Neighborhoods.

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