Social Media 101 – LinkedIn for Business


LinkedInOur next topic for Back to the Basics: Social Media 101 series focuses on using the professional networking site LinkedIn for business. Making connections and networking on a professional level can play a key role in your company’s success. LinkedIn allows users to network easier and in ways never done before.

Just the Stats

According to an article published by B2B News Network:

  • There are 380 million members on LinkedIn.
  • Half of all users are likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.
  • 45 percent of LinkedIn members are in upper management positions.
  • LinkedIn creates more leads for companies than any other social media site.

Clearly, both individuals and businesses can benefit from the use of LinkedIn. Therefore, it is essential that LinkedIn is included in a sound social media strategy.

How Does It Work?

LinkedIn is similar to Facebook in that users can connect with other people and follow companies and organizations. One major difference is that you will primarily see business-related material rather than socially focused information.

To begin using LinkedIn, individuals create a profile. It is important to complete your profile with all pertinent contact information such as work experience, skills, phone number, email, photo, website, etc. LinkedIn is like having an online resume of your work experience and skills. Once your profile is complete, you can follow and connect with other individuals and companies.

Users can “like” and comment on posts to build relationships with people and companies alike. Users can also join groups that they relate to or find interesting. For example, someone who wants to hear about news in the marketing communication field can join a group specifically for marketing communication. LinkedIn has something for everyone – the amount of groups and genres are endless.

What mRELEVANCE Likes About LinkedIn for Business

The ability to post company news to LinkedIn is something that the mRELEVANCE team takes full advantage of by including snippets of copy and links to all of our blog content. This provides a way for us to fully syndicate blog content to all of our followers on the mRELEVANCE LinkedIn page.

Another benefit of LinkedIn is the ability to research prospects before meeting with them. Knowing where they attended school can help break the ice in new business meetings. Additionally, seeing their work history can help know what their perspective on various aspects of business.

Why Your Business Should Use LinkedIn

Businesses that utilize LinkedIn certainly reap the benefits. Fundamentally, having a LinkedIn company page builds the business’ professional network and brand. In today’s world, businesses need to have an online presence to have success and longevity. LinkedIn allows businesses to build that presence by connecting with raving fans, influencers and prospective clients who want to learn more about the business, and potentially work with the business in the future.

Company business pages should be informative and consistently updated, so that page visitors can see your products and services, as well as gain an understanding of company culture.

Additionally, a business can find future employees on LinkedIn. Recruiters can search for qualified candidates based on individual profiles, or individuals can find available jobs on the business’ page. Jobs on LinkedIn draw a lot of attention to the site, so be sure your business’ page is updated regularly and is professional.

Relationships can be built with many target audiences including potential customers, potential employees, current customers, influencers and raving fans. LinkedIn helps your business to build its brand, bring traffic to the business’ page and bring customers back wanting more. LinkedIn is just another way for your business to relate and connect with the world.

A Few Tips

Now that you know what LinkedIn is and the advantages of using it, here are the things we think you should do to help keep your LinkedIn company page relevant:

  1. Keep your business page updated: Whether it is information about the company, blog posts or open job positions, be consistent in updating the page. LinkedIn is one of the first places someone will go to look for jobs and see what a business’ culture is like. It is also a great place to review products and services from a company. Having an updated page will impress those who come to look for different reasons.
  2. Post relevant blogs: Write about relevant topics that business professionals can gain insight from. It can help build relationships and bring traffic to your page and website. Show value, so people will want to stay connected with your business.
  3. Be responsive: When people comment on and share posts, don’t let it go unnoticed. Responding to consumers and professionals, helps build those lasting relationships.

Advertising Tips

In addition to being an excellent connection tool for business professionals, LinkedIn also offers an advertising platform. Most companies advertise jobs on LinkedIn, but there are other ways to use the advertising platform. Utilizing this tool can keep the majority of your posts from being just advertisements for your company.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your LinkedIn ads:

  • Sponsored Updates and Ads – Updates appear in the user’s news feed while ads appear within the right-hand column of the screen with graphics and texts that drive traffic back to the company’s page. Try both and see which one is effective for your business.
  • Choose your target audience – LinkedIn offers a variety of targeting options to find the best fit for your company and audience.
  • Post RELEVANT content – LinkedIn’s niche might be as a professional network, but social isn’t all bad so be informative and interesting. Be sure to speak directly to your target audience, in a language and format that they can relate to.
  • Avoid stock images if at all possible – Users are attracted to organic graphics, images that come from your
  • Interact with other users – Like, share and comment with other users. Provide a call to action (CTA) in your updates to drive engagement.

LinkedIn advertising is a cost-effective way to drive traffic to your page and website with no long-term contracts or commitments and users pay by clicks or impressions.

LinkedIn continues to prove itself as a useful social media platform in today’s world. At mRELEVANCE, we are here to keep you informed about all the best features and practices for businesses on LinkedIn. In the mean time, be sure to check out our earlier Social Media 101 posts:

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