Ashton Woods Homes Featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Ashton Woods Homes in AJCA reporter at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reached out to the mRELEVANCE team for help sourcing a list of possible articles about home design. One of those possible article ideas focused on the dos and don’ts of bonus room design, and we referred her to our client Ashton Woods Homes for its well-established reputation for award-winning, personalized interior home designs.

Ashton Woods Homes provided the reporter with a photo from its Woodstock Knoll community in Woodstock, Ga. to use in the article entitled “Turn a blank bonus room into a hot spot for kids.” The Ashton Woods photo, which is featured at the top of the article, shows one of the builder’s elegant and functionally designed bonus rooms with the caption “Built-in bookshelves and cabinets take up two sides of the room in a bonus room created for multiple functions in the Woodstock Knoll neighborhood. Credit: Ashton Woods Homes.” The photo not only creates interest in our client’s design options, but it also provides a great visual segue into the reporter’s five rules for bonus room design.

The reporter’s first rule is to “Plan out the space,” meaning homeowners should figure out what the function of the room will be and how it will be laid out before they start lugging in furniture. The second rule, “Don’t design solely for today,” gives readers advice to plan for their kids growing up and outgrowing Disney-themed wallpaper. Thirdly, homeowners should “Design with clean-up in mind” and include organizational items such as cabinets with doors or hollow bench seating for storage that hide loose toys and video game consuls. Fourth, homeowners should not “forget the floors,” which should be designed to suit the individual needs and habits of the family, and, fifth, homeowners need to “focus on lighting,” such as ceiling-recessed lighting that can avoid collisions with projectiles.

The article ran on July 12 and can be viewed here in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s online Homefinder section. For help with your public relations program, contact mRELEVANCE today at 770-383-3360.