Why You Should Intern at mRELEVANCE


From Alexa Griffin:

Alexa Griffin, Communications InternInterning at the Atlanta office of mRELEVANCE has been a life changing opportunity for me. With my interest being in visual communications and marketing, I knew this internship would be an excellent chance for me to build upon the skills needed to enter the work field. As it turns out, I have learned way more than most would expect from a college internship.

At Marketing RELEVANCE, the staff treats you no differently than they would one of their own full-time workers. The daily projects you are given are the same tasks that staff members work on themselves. Through these projects, I have gained experience and knowledge I wouldn’t have been able to receive inside of a classroom or anywhere else.

For instance, I have improved my AP style and creative writing skills, which are crucial in this field. Additionally, I have built an incredible portfolio for future endeavors and boosted my level of confidence in my work.

An internship is suppose to be challenging and most can be a little scary, but, while interning here, I have only been shown kindness and understanding during my process of learning all of this new information.

When I began my search for an internship, I never expected to find one where I felt needed and welcomed as much as I do at Marketing RELEVANCE. I strongly encourage others to learn more about the internship here, and submit resumes to melissa@mrelevance.com.

*Alexa Griffin is a rising senior at Reinhardt University majoring in visual communications with a minor in marketing. She is the president of COMment Club, the communications department club. Additionally, Alexa is a wireless sales consultant at Best Buy Mobile and loves making Vine videos and playing lacrosse.