Traton Homes in the Press


TratonLogoTM FBMedia coverage is one of the best ways to spread your brand’s message. Recently, mRELEVANCE scored a story for Traton Homes about its newly opened design studio in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Since Charlotte is Traton’s newest division, coverage showcasing the builder’s latest endeavor spreads the word to agents and future home buyers about the one-of-a-kind studio. mRELEVANCE developed a news release and pitched it to local Atlanta (Traton Homes is based in the city) and Charlotte publications. Traton’s stellar reputation and our expertise in pitching resulted in the story being picked up by Atlanta Agent Magazine, Atlanta’s leading source of local news and information for the well-informed residential real estate professional, and The Mecklenburg TIMES, a local Charlotte newspaper with a circulation of 1,000.

The design studio is where Traton home buyers can personalize and transform their homes. The studio includes a vast array of interior and exterior selections, such as six kitchen vignettes, mantle and surround displays, multiple vanities and showers, appliances, built-ins, closet organizers, paint, trim and more. The studio also features new, advanced technology including a remote control shower system. Traton customers will work with Jane Ann Maxwell, a nationally recognized interior designer.

The advantages of story placements don’t stop at just getting your news out. Press also leads to new business activity, boosts your search rankings and differentiates your brand from competitors. Since the stories ran, Traton’s foot traffic to the design studio and general interest has also increased. Additionally, the coverage was a fantastic addition to the builder’s SEO strategy. Who doesn’t want more articles to help populate page one of search results?! Last but not least, the builder was able to set itself apart from its competitors. Potential customers and even real estate agents will read the articles, and Traton will be top-of-mind when searching for a new home.

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