Why You Should Become a mRELEVANCE Intern


From Rachel Shin:

Rachel ShinInterning at the Atlanta office of mRELEVANCE this fall has been an awesome experience. Never having interned anywhere before, I had no idea what to expect. What would I be doing? What should I wear? Would they get annoyed if I asked a million questions?

As I received the news that I got the internship, they told me that I would be writing news releases, blog posts and more, but would that really mean I would actually be writing? I had heard horror stories from a couple friends who had been hired as interns and then were used as coffee or errand runners. Would that happen to me? I was not very confident in my coffee making skills.

After my first day, I soon realized that I would enjoy this internship. During my introduction meeting, Melissa even mentioned that if anything, they would be the ones offering me coffee. I learned that I would essentially be treated like any other mRELEVANCE employee.

Throughout the internship, the projects that I worked on weren’t “easy intern” tasks that one might expect. I actually wrote press materials, client blog posts and research based posts. Though I was not certain of my writing skills, I slowly gained confidence as I found out that the final drafts of my posts were not all that different from the firsts. During my second week, I was pleasantly surprised when they informed me that my writing had been published online for the world to see!

As my internship draws to a close, I am more than happy with the experience I received. Not only have I gained knowledge that I could not have in a classroom, but my portfolio that was nearly nonexistent before has grown immensely. I feel prepared and have a sense of what to expect when I begin applying for public relations or marketing jobs. After writing dozens of news releases and blog posts, I am more certain in my writing skills and couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming environment while learning to do so.

I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a public relations or marketing internship to apply with mRELEVANCE! To do so, click here for more details.

*Rachel Shin is a current senior at Berry College in Rome majoring in communications with a concentration in public relations. She is the public relations and marketing director for the college’s yearbook. Rachel is also a member of the Berry College Equestrian Team and loves riding horses.