News Releases DO Still Work


Brookhaven of East Cobb in KennesawRecently, an advertiser for a local publication hinted that news releases don’t work anymore, and that press isn’t free. Though, he probably said this because he was trying to sell ad space. Either way, what he said isn’t true, news releases do work.

For those that don’t have a heavy advertising budget, public relations and social media marketing are the best route. For our public relations clients, we work hard to pitch the right reporters, and to know what those reporters are looking for. When these reporters come to us for sources, we always cater to their time frame and requirements. If they need photos, we make sure to send those first. If they need to talk to someone, we schedule a call for that day. By maintaining good relationships with the media, we get our clients into publications without having to pay for ad space.

Additionally, we also know that our clients can always make it into the business or real estate sections of such publications. Though these sections just run the releases we pitch verbatim, it still gets the word out about our clients.

For instance, the Marietta Daily Journal is a great way to get stories placed without having to work directly with one reporter. The publication’s Real Estate Briefly section is perfect for our home building clients. Recently, the section featured three of our clients in one issue. Jim Chapman Communities, Windsong Properties and Traton Homes all received excellent coverage due to their news releases.

Because these clients build in Cobb, the Marietta Daily Journal picked their news releases out as good fits for the section. Each placement included the news the individual builders wanted to get out along with contact information.

With a circulation of 14,825, many more people now know about these builders and may contact them to buy homes. So, without having to by an ad, we were able to reach our clients’ target markets.

If you’re looking for a way to get your company’s name in the paper without having to buy ad space, give us a call today at 770-383-3360 to learn more about our public relations packages.