Pay to Play on Facebook: Client Success Stories


Pay to Play on FacebookYou hear the phrase, “pay to play,” more and more often these days. That’s because with 1.7 billion-plus people using Facebook each month, this tactic is crucial in successful social media marketing. Without utilizing Facebook advertising, you won’t be able to reach the right people, capture their attention or even get results. If not paying, why are you even playing?

Still hesitant? Here are a couple of success stories to change your mind.

For our client The Dragas Companies, we set-up web click ads on Facebook this past August with a total budget of $1,000 per month split between two new home communities. Results from the first month of advertising looked like this:

Ad One (Community One ad)

o 3,191 link clicks
o Reach of 34,328
o $0.16 per click

Ad Two (Community Two ad)

o 2,973 link clicks
o Reach of 31,664
o $0.17 per click

The builder’s website definitely saw the benefits of these ads. Traffic to the website from social sites more than doubled from before we started ads (1,473 visits in May 2016 vs. 3,449 visits in August 2016). Plus, they received six leads from social in August!

Need more leads? Expand your pay to play action. For instance, we had double the budget this fall for our client, The Providence Group. (Note: The target audience was completely different than Dragas, so we’re not comparing the two directly. We’re just giving another success story and showing what a larger budget can possibly get you.) The Providence Group had a budget of $2,000 per month with a set of completely different tactics than our last example. Their budget was split between ads for a Facebook event page, web click ads for a master-planned community and web click ads that landed on a special incentive page. Results from the final month of advertising looked like this:

Ad One (Facebook Event Page ad)
*This ad had to be stopped early because, with all the other marketing efforts combined with the ads, they had 385 people RSVP!

o 129 responses
o Reach of 24,150
o $2.33 cost per event response

Ad Two (Master-Planned Community Web Clicks ad)

o 2,483 link clicks
o Reach of 41,838
o $0.17 cost per click

Ad Three (Special Incentive Web Clicks ad)

o 4,108 link clicks
o Reach of 95,934
o $0.21 cost per click

Ad Four (Special Incentive Extended Web Clicks ad)

o 3,633 link clicks
o Reach of 106,906
o $0.23 per click

These are some great stats! And, just like Dragas, The Providence Group’s Facebook advertising led to some huge returns in traffic and leads. Traffic to the website from social went from 120 visits to 2,535 visits in one month! Also, while we were running ads, social contributed 20 leads. Once the ads were complete, however, social only contributed 2 leads. With these numbers, we recommend that The Providence Group continues Facebook advertising in 2017.

These two examples prove the power of pay to play on Facebook. Extending your reach has never been this easy! If you need help with your social media marketing and want to learn more about Facebook ads, be sure to contact Marketing RELEVANCE today.