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  1. Traton Homes New Blog

    mRELEVANCE congratulates Atlanta home builder Traton Homes on their 39th year in business and their new Traton Homes blog.  The blog will allow for better communications with relevant audiences including home shoppers and Realtors. This gives home buyers more ways than ever to explore Traton’s 16 communities and discover incentives, specials and overall news. For over 39 years, Traton Homes has given homeowners Altogether More… more experience, more impressive architecture, more outstanding included features, more desirable locations and more value.  You… Read More

  2. Something is Missing from Your Social Media Program

    Chances are that you might not even be aware that something BIG is missing from your social media program. It isn’t lost, it was probably never there. Do you know what it is? At present you are duplicating efforts, spending extra time and wondering where the ROI is for your social media program. Your car can’t get from 0 to 60 without an engine and your social media program is much the same way. To create a social media program… Read More

  3. Old Hat, New Hat with SEO make sure it isn’t Black Hat

    Red Hat Blue Hat Old Hat New Hat Do you think Dr. Seuss knows about the “black hat” and “grey hat” techniques when it comes to SEO and social media optimization for home builders? Definitely not! And it seems some Internet Marketing firms don’t know much about it either. Search engine marketing is part art and part science, and it takes time to learn what’s accepted and what’s decidedly frowned upon when it comes to blogging for homebuilders (or blogging… Read More