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  1. Your Blog’s Recipe for Success

    When it comes to your company blog, you want to make sure you are following a simple recipe to ensure success: mix one part good content with one part personality, blend them together and repeat often. Just a few easy steps involving relevant content, frequency and of course, a little bit of character will help make your company’s blog stand out from the rest. While you may have the information and consistency of posting down to a science, often times… Read More

  2. mRELEVANCE Launches Newly Enhanced Nexidia Blog

    mRELEVANCE, LLC announces the launch of the newly enhanced Nexidia blog at http://blog.nexidia.com. The revamped blog structure provides consumers with increased functionality to help them find the information they need easier and faster. The blog design itself has a much simpler navigation consisting of “home,” “what we do,” “products,” “contact us,” and “visit our website.” Both the “what we do” and “products” sections provide an easy way to learn more about Nexidia’s various of products and services. Blog visitors will… Read More

  3. Social Media…There is More to it Than Facebook

    When someone says “social media,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? For those who have not yet immersed themselves into social media or are just beginning, their response will inevitably be “Facebook.” The reason for this is very simple – Facebook is the number one social networking site in the world. Without a doubt, they have the numbers – more than 200 million active users and over 100 million daily visitors. It is the most popular Web… Read More

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  5. Why Should My Company Have a Blog?

    There are numerous reasons to have a corporate blog.  Whether your blog is a stand alone site or the news section of your Web site, a blog should be a building block of your social media marketing, search engine optimization and Internet marketing strategy. Position your company as an expert on a topic or in a specific field. A blog can provide a relaxed platform for your company to engage buyers in conversations.  This type of relationship marketing helps to… Read More