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  1. Best Email Headlines to Get Attention

    As we’re diving head first into the holiday shopping season, everyone wants to be front of mind for the deal-conscious customer.  We all know that email is the most direct way to get in front of your ideal target, however, what makes them tick?  How do you get them to click on and open your email? First, stick to the core promise of email: Be relevant. Ask for the sale. Make interaction as easy and convenient as possible. Keep people… Read More

  2. Marketing To Different Generations; How Do You Reach Them?

    Not everyone is attracted to information in the same way.  That’s especially true when it comes to different generations and what motivates them to make purchasing decisions. Understanding broad generational characteristics allows you to customize your marketing initiatives and maximize your marketing dollars for the most effective reach. However, once you recognize what contact channels your targets use, what they value and how they spend their money, how do you craft the messaging to make sure you touch them?  What follows… Read More

  3. Open or Delete? Improving Your Email Marketing Deliverability

    Open or delete? When it comes to opening your business’ email marketing messages, your consumers have a split-second decision to make. However; before your prospects ever even received that email, you probably spent a good amount of time and energy  making sure it would provide your compay with ROI, and that it was sent to the right audience. With all the spam filters and ability to opt-out, , your company’s email deliverability and visibility is probably always top of mind…. Read More

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  5. Internet Marketing for Home Builders

    Is your Internet marketing strategy working? Have you effectively connected the dots and can you track each of the component’s effectiveness? Does your website relate to your blog and your email marketing program? How effective is your traditional advertising and Public Relations strategy and do you know which of your Internet ads drive the most traffic to your website? This seminar will help you understand how to connect all of the pieces of your marketing strategy into a cohesive plan… Read More