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  1. Greater Valley Group

    Greater Valley Group launched an interactive campaign in 2010 as a method for the West Point, Ga. developer to increase traffic to its website, improve SEO and reach a broader audience through the Internet while at the same time reducing overall marketing expenditures. Greater Valley Group is both a residential and commercial developer with a number of projects including: hotels, apartment complexes, condominiums, single family houses, retail and commercial office building, industrial, lot and land opportunities. The Great Valley area… Read More

  2. New Website Launched for Greater Valley Group

    The Greater Valley Group’s (GVG) new development website is live. This new site offers an interactive look at GVG’s portofolio of available properties. From commercial developments to hotels, apartments, condominiums, industrial, retail, lot and land opportunities and commercial office buildings, site visitors will get a great feel for the growth of the Greater Valley Area. Greater Valley Group is a real estate development company located in West Point, Ga. The company is dedicated to building beautiful neighborhoods, recruiting desirable retail and… Read More