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  1. Adjusting Your Website for Google’s “How To” Quality Update

    Although Google denies any algorithm changes, there was most certainly a change in rankings that affected many websites recently. The so-called “Quality Update” was not categorized by Google as a Panda or Penguin update, but it was an update nonetheless. Also known as the “Phantom Update,” Google rolled out new rules that change the way it assesses quality website content. Specifically, this update is said to have targeted “How To” content in an effort to wipe out sites with lack-luster… Read More

  2. How to Blog Effectively

    The most important part of any blog is the content. Why? Because if what you are writing about is dry and boring, no one will read it. You have to convey an interesting and informative message that readers will care about and want to read. Even better is if your content is so captivating that it encourages readers to pass it along to their friends and family. In order to be able to write blog posts that are informative, interesting… Read More

  3. Learn the Basics at Social Media Lab

    Do you want to learn to effectively engage in social media marketing to build your business? Are you confused by Friends, Fans and Followers?  Do you wish someone would just walk you through the process of building all the basic social networking sites?  Well, help is here! mRELEVANCE offers the Social Media Lab to help large and small business owners  learn how to effectively use social media to reach existing customers AND build relationships with new ones.  Engage in the… Read More