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  1. Banner Advertising Best Practices

    The Internet is a wild place with gobs of information being tossed at users on every page. This bombardment of noise can make it difficult to effectively get your messages out. Well designed banner advertisements are one way to counteract the signal to noise ratio of the web. By following the best practices I have outlined below, you go a long way towards getting the most bang for your buck. Start With a Message The most important thing in designing… Read More

  2. 2009 Web Predictions from Website Magazine

    One of my favorite Internet marketing publications, Website Magazine has made its 2009 Web Predictions. Website Magazine shares the mRELEVANCE view that despite the current economy, the Web will continue to see growth in 2009. Here are the Predictions! We have posted an abbreviated version here. A Major Social Media Shift There will be a noticeable, albeit slight uptick in social media usage (blogging and online networking sites) due to increased and continued layoffs across all business sectors. Few small… Read More

  3. How do they find you?

    90-percent of your potential homebuyers have searched for their new home builder, new home community or home online before they walk in the door of your sales center.  Treat them like a “be back” because they have researched you and know you well. Because of this most builders are focusing more of their advertising and marketing dollars online.  And due to the downsized economy this is good news for home builders because Internet marketing is typically more affordable than traditional… Read More