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  1. Tips on How to Keep your Computer and Website Secure

    Today smartphones, tablets, and computers pretty much dominate our everyday lives. And while communication has become easier and more efficient than ever before, these technological advancements have brought with them new concerns about privacy and security.  Marking today as National Computer Security Day, it’s the perfect time to share some tips on not only keeping your computer secure, but also your website. Computer Security Day was started in 1988 to raise awareness concerning computer security issues.  The most obvious way… Read More

  2. Net Neutrality

    Today is the Net Neutrality Day of Action – The day we protect the Internet. You have probably been seeing pop-ups, tweets, and memes all across the Internet today talking about Net Neutrality, and there is a great reason for it. The rules that protect the open Internet as we know it today, are in jeopardy of being torn apart. Corporate giants Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T are trying to end Net Neutrality for their benefit, and our detriment. They want… Read More

  3. The Rise of Cell Internet Users

    Mobile phones are great for calling, texting and keeping in touch with friends and family. Additionally,  they are also great for checking email, posting to Facebook, uploading photos to Instagram and surfing the web. In fact, according to Pew Research Center, the use of mobile phones has exploded the past few years with a whopping 63 percent of mobile phone owners now using the Internet from their smartphones. Ninety-one percent of all Americans now own a mobile phone, which means… Read More

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  5. Has The Real Estate Market Moved to The World Wide Web?

    The indecisive answer is: Yes! As being connected to the internet continues to entwine with our daily lives more and more, you can’t help but appreciate the power the internet offers to both consumers and to businesses. With the flip of a phone and a tap of a finger you have Google.com and the entire World Wide Web at your finger tips in seconds. As consumers, both young and old, move to the internet as their primary means of searching… Read More

  6. The BAD Words of Marketing

    Growing up in the South, my Mama taught me about bad words. You know the ones that would get your mouth washed out with soap or cause you  to write over and over and over on a piece of paper, “I will never say $%&# again” until your hand practically falls off your arm. We are bombarded with bad words everyday from the TV to the Radio to the conversation with your best friend about how mad she is over… Read More