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  1. Discover Your Klout

    With an ever changing world of social media, it can be hard for any one person, let alone a social media influence metric, to keep up. Since Klout was founded in 2008, social media has seen unprecedented changes that have made measuring social influence even harder than it was before. Recently, Klout released their latest rounds of updates, which concentrate on helping everyone to gain a clearer understanding of their true influence. Some of the new changes and features include:… Read More

  2. Your Influence Meter 2.0

    Klout, the tool for measuring and leveraging your social media influence, recently released an upgrade  to its application programming interface (API) , as well as several  new features. Version two of Klout’s API includes several new features. The site is now “Klout-focused” instead of “Twitter-focused,” meaning that users now have Klout IDs separate from their Twitter handle. This change will help the site spread to more social networks moving forward. The new API is also faster, smoother and touts a… Read More