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  1. Marketing to the Female Population

    Women traditionally control a majority of the finances in a household. A woman’s innate ability to hunt down the perfect bargain, make a little go further and still manage to save a few pennies has been passed from generation to generation. Now, reports show that women are taking their expertise with managing money to the next level, as they have become the most powerful market opportunity in the world. According to Forbes Magazine, women control $20 trillion in annual consumer… Read More

  2. How Does Your Lead Generation Grow?

    In the business world, it’s all about cultivating leads to bring in new buyers. Finding potential customers can be difficult and time consuming if you don’t know which tactics to use. In the latest 2013 Lead Generation Benchmark Report, MarketingSherpa analyzes lead generation tactics based on two factors — level of difficulty and effectiveness. Easiest Lead Generation Tactics Print advertising Direct mail Email marketing