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  1. LinkedIn Introduces New Sponsored Updates for Businesses

    Following the success of Facebook’s targeted advertising and sponsored posts, many other social networks have followed suit to help their users promote their businesses and posts more effectively. While LinkedIn advertising has been around for a couple of years, more recently, the professional social media network has increased the appeal of their ads to businesses by introducing sponsored updates for company pages. Sponsored updates allow businesses to target specific customers to see a certain update they have posted on LinkedIn…. Read More

  2. The Business Etiquette of LinkedIn Endorsements

    LinkedIn is everyone’s favorite form of professional networking, and it’s no wonder with all of the features it has to offer to everyone from seasoned business professionals to recent undergrads just starting out. One of the most useful features of LinkedIn is the new endorsements section. Endorsements allow professionals to validate and recognize the skills and expertise their peers have added to their profile. If you think your connection is great at what they do, now you can easily let… Read More

  3. Ramp Up Your Social Networking with LinkedIn

    Is your LinkedIn page looking a little rough around the edges? Maybe you created it and then haven’t really thought about it much since. Or, maybe you’re constantly updating your profile and adding new connections. Either way, there’s always something more you can be doing with the site. LinkedIn is a growing, powerful professional networking tool when used effectively. Here are a few tips to give your LinkedIn profile a little boost: Give connections the axe. Adding new connections is… Read More

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  5. Follow Companies on LinkedIn

    In what is becoming the online version of keeping up with the Joneses, LinkedIn has added the ability for users to Follow corporations on the site.  This move makes LinkedIn a little more social and a little more like Facebook. The “Follow Company” tool allows users to get notifications on public company happenings. From following  job openings to profile changes to people who have joined or left the company, LinkedIn users can choose whether they want Company status updates emailed… Read More

  6. LinkedIn Gets Social

    We’ve all heard the social media marketing mantra stressing the importance of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, but more often than not LinkedIn gets left out. Many speculate as to why the professional networking site is left out when it comes to social networking conversations, but if you look closely the answer is quite clear: there’s nothing really ‘social’ about LinkedIn. Sure you can upload your resume,  reach out to old friends and colleges when job hunting, or use the powerful… Read More