Tag: Marketing Sherpa

  1. Top Social Marketing Tactics

    Marketing Sherpa just released this chart on the top social marketing tactics used by companies. They combined data from three questions about social marketing tactics including the effectiveness of achieving objectives, the degree of difficulty for implementation and the percentage of organizations using the tactic. What they found was that “fast and easy” trumps effectiveness when it comes to determining which social media tactics to implement! Doesn’t this somewhat go along with the general sentiment that social media is free… Read More

  2. The Buying Process has Changed

    Hot off the press. The buying process for large purchases (like homes and other items priced over $25,000) is changing due to the economy.  Marketing Sherpa reports, “Marketers who understand buyer behavior will be able to align their selling process with the buying process more effectively.” Virtual events, search engines and Web sites are taking the lead followed closely by social media (blogs and social networking) as well as newsletters. If you are still struggling to find your way online… Read More

  3. Lack of Knowledge a Barrier to Social Media

    Marketing Sherpa’s latest study shows that lack of knowledge is the biggest barrier to launching a social media marketing program.  Lack of experience can create missteps along the way that might scare marketers away from social media. The second barrier is inability to measure ROI. Both of these objections are easy to overcome with the right social media agency!  Contact mRELEVANCE today to build a social media strategy that works for your company. And, let us show you effective ways… Read More