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  1. Social Media 101: Online Reviews

    For the last topic in our Back to the Basics: Social Media 101 series, we focus on the importance of online reviews and testimonials and how your business can use them to its advantage. Keeping up with online reviews and testimonials is a way to stay proactive with your online reputation and is crucial to your business’ success. Just the Stats According to an article posted by Invesp: 90 percent of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business 88… Read More

  2. Online Reviews Now #1 Trusted Source for Women

    So, say you’re interested in a new cell phone or a new cosmetic product or even a new pair of jeans. What are the factors that go into deciding whether to buy or not? If you are like most women in America, you call a friend for advice and ask whether they have personally had experience with the product or service being considered or if they know someone who has. After all, what better source of information on a new… Read More

  3. Topping the Rankings: Navigating Internet Review Sites

    Online reviews: a perilous new world full of potential public relations nightmares, but filled with rich rewards for those able to navigate it successfully. Are you getting the first bite at this juicy apple? mRELEVANCE, a veteran of online reputation management, has developed successful programs for clients in some of the most review-crucial industries, like the residential building industry. Home buying is a very emotionally-invested process, and positive, glowing reviews can be exactly what it takes to sway a prospective… Read More

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  5. Impact of Online Customer Service Reviews

    Polaris Consulting sums up the importance of online customer reviews with their one-liner, “Your first meeting with the client is not their first meeting with you.” Buyers are taking to online review sites and social media to research companies prior to making a purchase decision.  And, the type of reviews that resonate most with buyers? You guessed it, customer reviews specifically about customer service. A recent study conducted by Dimensional Research and ZenDesk states that 88 percent of buyers have… Read More