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  1. Conversion is the Internet Marketing King

    Businesses know that they should use  Internet marketing to increase sales, but what exactly are they trying to achieve through these marketing techniques? A recent study from MarketingSherpa analyzed just that.  Marketers were asked to rate various search engine optimization goals for their website based on their personal priority levels. The study found that by far (83 percent), the most important goal for marketers was to increase overall conversion for pages. In other words, they want web visitors to take… Read More

  2. How Can Homebuilders Stand Out in a Web 2.0 World?

    Social networking. It’s everywhere. MySpace. ActiveRain. LinkedIn. Then there’s e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, blogs and pay-per-clicks. Maybe, like millions of others, you’ve already put yourself and your business out there. Or maybe, like millions more, you’ve heard of Social Media and Web 2.0, but you don’t have any idea how to get started. It’s time to learn. And if you’re already there, it’s time to take a second look to see what you can do to differentiate your business… Read More

  3. A Reporter Just Called, What should I do? Media Relations Tips from a Pro…

    Your message light is blinking. You check it, and a reporter from your daily paper wants an interview. What do you do next? This is the perfect opportunity to begin establishing yourself as a reliable, credible source for interviews. Here are 10 tips for handling the call: 1. Drop everything. Chances are the reporter is on deadline and needs a quick response. If you don’t provide it, the reporter will go elsewhere – this time and next. 2. Return the… Read More

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  5. Do You Know Copyright Compliance Guidelines?

    When it comes to online blogging and social media, many bloggers reference published online articles for industry news blog posts. However, there is a fine line between copyright infringement and properly referencing published articles for bloggers. Before I go into detail about what you legally can and cannot do, allow me to elaborate a little on what copyright is. By definition, copyright is the legal protection for original creative works. These pieces of work include anything from newspaper articles to… Read More

  6. Is your Market Slow? Then Network…

    This has definitely been a roller coaster year for the housing industry. If your phone is quiet and you are wondering how to generate more business, network. Networking can be easy. It shouldn’t feel like work; get involved in things you love and it will be fun and simple. Do you love to entertain? Join or start a Bunko group and offer to host the event at your house. For those of us involved in the housing industry, networking opportunities… Read More