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Dunsing Inspections - New Website
Website Development

The challenge

The new Dunsing Inspections website needed to produce traffic and leads, as well as help them in their journey in becoming the industry leader in terms of training and education for real estate professionals.

Dunsing Inspections also needed their users to have an overall better experience, and to show off that they are not a one-man show, but rather that they are a company that has fostered a strong organization that backs their inspectors.

Our delivered solution

As a small company that wanted to manage their limited website updates themselves and also have a robust SEO platform to build the site on, Marketing Relevance built the new website on the WordPress CMS. This decision made it easy for Dunsing to maintain website content and data, and cost effective for us (or an intern for that matter) to help if necessary. It also provides SEO tools to help them optimize their pages, integrate with social media channels, and have their pages indexed in the search engines so the site can be found by potential home buyers. Simplicity, consolidation, management, and traffic were their goal, and we helped them achieve it in a cost-effective way for their small business.

The results

  • 19 new qualified leads within the first 30 days of site launch

On the project, directly from us

“We strive to give our clients a website that gives their users a phenomenal experience as well as increasing our clients’ digital footprint - Dunsing is happy that their website is producing results. We are proud of the website we built for Dunsing Home Inspections, as it not only looks great, but it works great too!”

-Mitch Levinson, Marketing Relevance

Check out their new website here!