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His Or Hers Promotion
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Client Keystone Custom Homes knows that a home should be made for both him and her. That's why the builder decided to run a promotion that offered buyers the option to choose between two packages, His or Hers, with different upgrades. Buyers could either select a package with a free finished basement for him or a free classic kitchen and Venetian spa bath for her when purchasing a new home.

To promote His or Hers, Keystone Custom Homes needed some clever and cute graphics. Marketing Relevance's graphic designer was inspired by ads from the 40's and 50's and comedy shows like I Love Lucy where the two sexes were opposing but together. That's where the idea of the shoes in this graphic came from. Instead of creating something polarizing, the graphics brought them together with the concept of looking over Polaroids of their new dream home. From there, the colors, font and layout all came together. Plus, the graphics were designed within a tight deadline - one day!