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KM Homes - Sales Center Kiosks
Strategic Marketing

Every company looks for ways to help their sales team, and home builders are no exception. When Marketing Relevance met with KM Homes regarding their new website, a fresh new idea was introduced to them; informational touch-screen kiosks integrated with their website in their sales center. Intrigued, they asked for more information and eventually included the kiosks in all 10 of their sales offices.

Marketing Relevance devised a process for connecting all the information in our Radmin CMS (the back end of our websites) to the kiosks in the sales centers. When updates are entered into Radmin that information automatically displays on the kiosks, keeping all necessary content congruent throughout all digital customer touchpoints. The data entry updates are simple to perform in Radmin and leveraging the technology of the kiosks makes for a seamless flow of amended messaging.

We understand that sales staff is busy, especially on the weekends with appointments and walk-in customers. These kiosks are a valuable sales tool in conveying important information if a sales agent is unable to assist at that time; and provide consistent engagement of a potential homebuyer before moving off-site.  

The KM Homes kiosks are equipped with information about all of the homebuilder’s plans, available inventory, site plan, and even photos, video and other interactive media types. Our kiosks are customizable and can be designed to feature any elements our clients might want. We take pride in adopting the most updated technologies and fit our content to every screen size available for a unique experience for each and every client’s buyer. Best of all, the kiosks create a ‘warm’ buyer when they walk in because it is the same information they saw, in the same branded design that they experienced on the builders website from their computer or smart phone. Very cool tools!