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Marvel-ous Promotion
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Gerstad Builders was looking for new and exciting way to appeal to younger families by showing them the many benefits of purchasing a new Gerstad Builders home. What better way to reach a young audience than to appeal to them with Marvel Movies? Through collaboration with our design team, they took the characters from the Marvel movies and spun them to go along with three of their top selling packages…and the Marvel-ous promotion had come to life!

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, buyers had the option of saving money from the three distinct package offerings, which included: Envision Luxury, Power of Mind and Incredible Monster Size Garage. The second phase of the promotion, “Space Fox Special” was added three weeks into the promotion, and allowed for a fourth package option for their clients.

Marketing Relevance put together a full marketing campaign including a landing page, eblasts, newspaper ads and social assets; that were used throughout the 3-month promotional period.  The fun and creative graphics captured the vision Gerstad Builders had in mind for this campaign, and it was a huge success -  capturing over 3% of the total traffic to the site on the landing page itself.