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Newport Builders
Website Development

When redesigning a website or building a new one, our clients deserve the best. We provide them with a beautiful front-end that delivers a great user experience and lead generation far beyond what the industry standard is. Powering the new look and feel of the website is our in-house backend Content Management System (CMS) that we call Radmin3. This CMS enables our clients to have full control of their content, data, and media across their entire website, in a fast, light, and easy to use system that the search engines love.

Newport Builders came to Marketing Relevance with a singular goal in mind; they needed a more contemporary, user-friendly website, to help their prospects quickly and easily gather information and make a purchase decision. Additionally, Newport Builders sought a brand refresh of their logo in order to update it into modern design sensibilities, while maintaining what made their brand theirs.

Newport Builders’ main focus for the new website visually was to give it an app-like feel. We were able to deliver that by simplifying their navigation elements, having attention-drawing media be front and center, and using visual ques from Material Design. These initial changes positively impacted the user experience, and moved their sales process into something more transparent and easy to understand for their clients – improving leads and sales.

Radmin3 makes it easy for the Newport Builders team to maintain their website and data – pushing all updates and changes in real-time. It also provides them SEO tools to help them optimize their pages, and integrate with social media channels.Every website that we build on the Radmin3 platform allows our clients an edge in the marketplace due to our industry crushing lead generation. We commit to providing our clients a website that gives their users a phenomenal user experience and flow, as well as generating leads at a rate above the industry standard. In Newport Builders case, their organic traffic improved over 23% in less than 2 months after launch, with a 2.63% lead generation conversion rate.