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Sweetheart of a Deal Promo
Strategic Marketing

For Marketing Relevance client, Gerstad Builders, Valentine’s Day conjured up feelings of cooking a romantic meal for loved ones.  So to honor this special day, we helped them create the “Sweetheart of a Deal” promotion.  This time sensitive promo was based on a kitchen countertop incentive…where romantic meals get their start.  

For the month of February, buyers would receive the countertop of their choice, all types of surfaces included (laminate, Corian, granite and quartz).  Contracts were to be signed by February 28th and home closings by December 31st.

To wrap the special offer in a cohesive message, we put together a full marketing program utilizing social media, including Facebook and Twitter; an email campaign; and printed collateral to be distributed from the sales office and model home.

Marketing Relevance was able to put all the necessary pieces together to launch a full strategic campaign for Gerstad Builders within one week of notification.