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It’s a fact that people like things to look good - our solution is to provide View Homes with a sleek and contemporary website style – one that is focused on drawing in the younger demographic, as well as keeping the more-seasoned homebuyers interested and engaged. With the industry changing as frequently as it does, it is very important to keep your web presence fresh. By engaging with our team for this updated, View Homes will be first-to-mind for any potential new home buyers. The new View Homes website leverages full integration with video, photos, interactive elements, galleries, and an active blog page – which helps them to increase their online presence and google rankings.

View Homes' new website is built into Marketing Relevance’s proprietary Content Management System (CMS) - Radmin3. Radmin3 makes it easy for the View Homes admin team to maintain their web content and data – pushing all updates and changes live in real-time. Jeanne Conger, Corporate Director of Business Development and Marketing at View Homes, stated after testing the backend area of their newly updated website that she was “pleasantly surprised by the Radmin3 back-end software and how little training we needed to be completely functional”.

Every website has the capability of being the beauty and brains of the branding operation. Additionally, it is a priority that each website developed by Marketing Relevance give the visitor a fresh and positive impression during each unique visit. Most homebuilders have not hopped on the bandwagon and their websites prove it. By improving their online presence and engaging buyers on the website, View Homes' traffic has improved exponentially since the launch of the new site.  Google Analytics shows that the new site is up 20% from last year in terms of traffic, and is now overproducing at a 10% conversion rate.