Own for Less than Rent

With rising rent prices and historically low interest rates, Rausch Coleman Homes has been advising potential buyers that now is the best time to buy. To encourage buyers to purchase a Rausch Coleman home, the Arkansas-based home builder launched the Own for Less than Rent campaign. During the campaign, buyers could save big by receiving half-off options up to $5,000. The campaign was hosted primarily on social media. Potential buyers could visit the Rausch Coleman Homes Facebook page or blog to learn about common home buying misconceptions and why it is actually more cost-effective to own a home than rent one. The Facebook page featured a coupon that buyers could print and bring in to take advantage of the savings. Current homeowners could also participate by posting a photo of themselves in their new Rausch Coleman home with a brief testimonial of why it’s better to own than rent. Art for this promotion was created using a chalkboard as the background and font that imitated chalk writing to portray the educational component of the campaign. Each piece of art also included a fact about what makes it cheaper to own a home than continue to rent.

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