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In 2015, Jimmy K approached mRELEVANCE with an idea for branding his new blog. The process had been illusive and difficult to really nail down before, and but mRELEVANCE took the challenge. With a few short meetings, they developed a comprehensive guide for current and future branding. This centered on a logo design for his website, but could possibly include future branding opportunities including web, print and merchandising. Quickly putting the plan to action, mRELEVANCE chose different fonts and colors to illustrate the passion of the client, and decided on a graphic that was both pleasing to the eye and versatile for all their graphic needs.

With the new logo, Running Mates 4 Life branded their website and their subsequent social media (including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google+). With a full Branding Guideline and a little help from mRELEVANCE, Jimmy K’s website and brand will be ready for bigger and brighter things down the road (that is, if you can catch him.).

Make sure the vibes you’re getting online are good ones – and keep the bad ones far from the first page. Our Reputation Management team will keep you sterling. Call today!

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