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Showcase Video Promotion

The use of creative imagery draws people in to your website and social media posts. Marketing Relevance understands this and produces captivating Showcase Videos for our clients to engage their customers.

We are now offering a limited-time special on these unique and purposeful videos. Starting August 15th and running through September 14th, our Creative Content team will prepare a series of three (3) enticing 30 second Showcase Videos highlighting your product or service. 

Get Visitors to Engage with your Website

Two images on top of each other with a corner of overlap

Choose a theme for each of your videos; perhaps a company overview, overview of services/products provided or maybe highlight one specific product or service. Each of these custom videos features your professional images displayed with descriptive details focused on your theme. All you need to do is submit 8 photos per video and we do the rest.

Once the sequence of photos is complete, complementary music is applied to support your images as they play. The music is used as a tool for creating an emotional connection with your viewing audience. We will select appropriate melodies based on the photos and theme you have chosen.

Four different colored musical notes
Awesome Captions! in quotes

Creative captions help motivate the viewer to want to learn more. As your photos slide in and out of view, the captions are static, giving the viewer ample time to read and absorb the content, creating a lasting impression. Capturing the viewer's attention with photos, music and descriptive content creates a completely engaging package.

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