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Turn your Marketing into Engaging, Interactive Experiences

Constructing a clear brand message that is used across all marketing channels enables you to effectively and efficiently reach your target audiences. Building an effective campaign that will encompass a variety of tactics, but deliver a consistent message is the key here; understanding however, that campaigns are only as strong as the team guiding them. Because of this, part of the overall strategy should also include professional development. This entails keeping staff up-to-date with technology and industry trends, as well as unique marketing initiatives.

"Marketing Relevance made the rebranding process super easy and enjoyable. They took time to understand our target audience, the history of our brand and our marketing program to help create a consistent and fresh brand identity."

Sally Hovarth, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with The Dragas Companies

social media

The online social conversation going on around your brand is as important an asset as your website or your printed literature. We can assist your in-house marketing department with your social media needs…or we can become your social media department. We develop an engaging online environment where customers are comfortable communicating with each other and you. It helps your customers identify with the human side of your brand, attracting them with a stronger, emotional connection. Remember, even today, people do business with people they like!


Is your company blogging? If not, you should be. Believe it or not, blogs are a very important piece to your website and overall marketing puzzle. They drive traffic to your website, increase your SEO, position your brand as an industry leader, and develop better customer relationships. Our creative team produces a continuous flow of original blog content that feeds search engines while keeping you current and in front your prospective customers. Creating fresh, new content every week also shows your prospects that you are engaged, keeping up with your industry’s trends and, let’s face it, still in business.

email marketing

Emails are the most direct way to connect with a customer, but it’s important to know how to effectively create an email campaign to achieve your desired results. We help you define your goals and produce personalized email programs that enhance relationships with current/previous customers, encourage customer loyalty and repeat business, and acquire new customers. Types of these customized emails can include:

  • Automated responses for email registrations
  • Promotional and incentive eblasts
  • Article or blog post announcements
  • Newsletters

Promoted Services

Marketing Relevance Audit Banner

How do you know if your marketing is driving sales? Or effective at producing qualified traffic and leads? Marketing Relevance offers a valuable service that guides you. Our Full Service Marketing Audit helps identify the strengths and weaknesses in your marketing program and provides guidance for adjustments where needed.

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NAHB Designation Classes

Our seminars can be presented in the time you have available, whether you have a half hour or two days. We can create a course specific to your group or association and we can combine them with NAHB courses.