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Constructing a clear brand message that is used across all marketing channels enables you to effectively and efficiently reach your target audiences. Building an effective campaign that will encompass a variety of tactics, but deliver a consistent message is the key here; understanding however, that campaigns are only as strong as the team guiding them. Because of this, part of the overall strategy should also include professional development. This entails keeping staff up-to-date with technology and industry trends, as well as unique marketing initiatives.

"Marketing Relevance made the rebranding process super easy and enjoyable. They took time to understand our target audience, the history of our brand and our marketing program to help create a consistent and fresh brand identity."

Sally Hovarth, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with The Dragas Companies


Your business has a story to tell. We start by sitting down with you to uncover that story, but it might not only come from you; what do your employees, your customers and the market think about you and your story? That is an important aspect of your brand that will help you become a better company with a better message. Once this discovery phase is complete we begin building your brand, incorporating creative design and compelling content to bring your message to life. What you end up with is a masterfully constructed visual and written brand message that will be consistently communicated across all marketing channels, truly touching your target audience.


Before you can promote your brand you need an overall game plan for reaching your target market, communicating effectively and converting them into customers. In a world where you only have seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention we develop and refine the right approach to reinforce your brand promise, make your brand stand out and most importantly deliver results.

professional development

As an established leader and sought after source for education in the industry, we have designed a slate of courses to help take your sales, marketing and website design efforts to the next level. The Marketing Relevance team does the heavy lifting by keeping our knowledge current and teaching you what you need to know to build and grow your business. Our courses come to you and are built around the needs of your individual market. We become a partner; helping you manage marketing in this lightning fast internet age. From a bird’s eye view of what's new in business marketing, to learning how to interpret analytics, to auditing a firm's social media foundation, we can teach you what you need to know to keep your business in front of your target audience and convert them into customers.

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How do you know if your marketing is driving sales? Or effective at producing qualified traffic and leads? Marketing Relevance offers a valuable service that guides you. Our Full Service Marketing Audit helps identify the strengths and weaknesses in your marketing program and provides guidance for adjustments where needed.

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NAHB Designation Classes

Our seminars can be presented in the time you have available, whether you have a half hour or two days. We can create a course specific to your group or association and we can combine them with NAHB courses.