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Alyssa Guzman

Content Writer

Favorite Quote: "Meanwhile the world goes on." A line from Alyssa's favorite poem: "Wild Geese" by Mary Oliver.

Fun Fact: Alyssa is the first in her family to graduate both high school and college.

Superpower: Teleportation. It saves time and money and gives you the ability to travel anywhere you want! 

Hobbies: Cooking and reading

Hometown: Lincolnwood, Illinois

Education: Bachelor of Arts in English and creative writing with a minor in journalism from the University of Iowa; Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Iowa


Alyssa is a content writer for Marketing Relevance. Her experience in studying journalism and creative writing at the University of Iowa have taught her many different writing styles. Working for Marketing Relevance is Alyssa's first experience in a marketing firm, and she is loving how all of the assignments teach her something new. Alyssa considers herself empathetic, an expert in both intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, organized, and challenge-seeking. These attributes allow her to juggle many different tasks; while in graduate school Alyssa had a full class schedule as well as two or three jobs at a time. She appreciates challenges and enjoys continually  learning about business and marketing every day. 

Alyssa holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Iowa in English and creative writing with a minor in journalism. She went into college pursuing journalism as a major, but quickly realized how much she missed her high school English classes. She made the decision to pursue English as a major with the intention of going to graduate school to be an English teacher. This decision was largely made in part to the fantastic English teachers Alyssa had during her time at Niles West High School. She is confident that both teaching and writing are her true callings in this world and is very happy with the decision she made. Alyssa is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to make a positive impact on the youth of the world.  

Alyssa spends her personal time making new recipes (she's an avid chef, but not much of a baker), reading, writing, or listening to true crime podcasts. Alyssa is also an avid traveler and has plans to visit all 50 of the United States before she is 50. She has 17 states checked off her list so far. She has plans to start an in-home herb and vegetable garden when she moves into a larger apartment in the fall.