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Carole Johnson

Marketing Manager

Favorite Quote: Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

Fun Fact: Carole and her family have fostered close to 100 dogs in their 12+ years of rescue work.

Superpower: She would love to know what makes teenage girls tick and how to help them get along better with their moms….or at least one teenager in particular.

Hobbies: Animal rescue, home remodeling, gardening, and sports…both as a spectator, player and (youth) coach.

Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL

Education: B.A. in Journalism/Mass Communications – Iowa State University

Carole  joins us in a new capacity at Marketing Relevance. As Marketing Manager she brings 30+ years of communications experience to our shop.  Spearheading our own social media, blogging, website marketing initiatives, and more, Carole draws from her background on the client side to help potential Marketing Relevance clients realize what we can do for them.

Showcasing the tremendous talent at Marketing Relevance by turning up the spotlight on our products and services, Carole reaches out to our potential clients. Using our innovative digital assets combined with targeted traditional media, she calls attention to our small but  mighty agency.

Carole also lends her expertise to our clients creating editorial calendars, writing blogs and managing social media campaigns.  She also freely admits that her favorite professional tool is

When shes not at the office, Carole loves watching her daughter's high school golf matches and is dedicated to her volunteer work with animal rescue. You will most always find at least one foster dog in her family's home.