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Chief Laziness Officer

Career Highlight: Delilah is a self started, and follows her own path

Industry Involvement: Loves to chase squirrels and be outside

Favorite Quote: “Hey there, Delilah...”

Fun Fact: If you don't pet Delilah, she is likely to pet you.

Superpower: Capable of snoring with her eyes open.

Hobbies: Sleeping, eating, and laying around all day

Hometown: Georgia

Education: Self-taught

Delilah is driven by her desire to make people happy. In fact, her whole goal in life is to see her 'human's' smile. She accomplishes this in many ways, recently and in her old age (11 in human years) she demonstrates this through laying around on the office chairs, the bed she has in the office, and occasionally on the floor. She does not beg, but is always willing to clean up any dropped food from the floor.

She is a great asset to Marketing Relevance.