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Eric Pfeiffer

Lead Web Developer

Industry Involvement: Eric keeps updated with the industry through research and podcasts. (He always has his earbuds in)

Fun Fact: He played the drums and participated in marching band.

Superpower: Eric would love to be able to learn and retain all knowledge of how everything works.

Hobbies: Contributing to open source projects and building computers.

Hometown: Racine, WI

Education: B.S. Computer Science from DePaul University

Favorite Quote: Tech gives the quietest student a voice. – Jerry Blumengarten

Eric specializes in building search engine optimized websites and blogs.  He has worked in most areas of web development, from configuring and managing servers to back-end software development. At Marketing Relevance, Eric develops the back and front end infrastructures of each site, while ensuring that we are providing an exceptional user experience.

As a huge computer enthusiast, Eric enjoys building computers and servers in his spare time.  Heck, his personal computers (and parts) are delivered to our office weekly.  We can't wait to see the finished product!