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Heather Haskin

Creative Director

Involvement: Heather is a Support Director for BNI (Business Networking International), a member of the Schaumburg Business Association, a participant of several tech meetups in the Chicago Area, and a volunteer for a local soccer club.

Favorite Quote: “Design is intelligence made visible” - Alina Wheeler

Fun Fact: Heather enjoys participating in local races, including the Chicago Marathon, Ragnar (Madison-Chicago), Soldier Field 10, and many others.

Superpower: Heather finds beauty and inspiration in the mundane - and  is able to transform that into reality.

Hobbies: Yoga, running, sewing, drawing, live music

Hometown: Naperville, IL (sort of)

Education: B.A. Brigham Young University-Idaho

Heather is a thoughtful, deliberate, and considerate action taker. She prefers to observe her environment, find its beauty, and build on it.  She has worked with a large variety of businesses, and although her skill set is vast, her focus and strength circulates in the design universe, including: UI/UX, interactive design, brand identity design, content creation, print collateral, and social media. Besides her design strengths, she is also passionate about technology, and incorporating the latest technologies and best practices into her designs.  Heather’s belief in continuous improvement, and constant learning has boosted her knowledge in technology, (specifically javascript, react, and angular), allowing her to act as a liaison, or mediator between the design team and the dev team. This connection leads to speed and efficiency of projects. Heather is an adaptable member of the Marketing Relevance team and specializes in connecting, perceiving, strategizing, and creating the messages that matter most to the people or businesses that need them. Heather also loves dark chocolate.