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Jason Grey

Web Developer

Career Highlight: Jason worked on a team to build a self-contracting portal for healthcare providers, which included a complex interface to visualize and streamline supply chains.

Favorite Quote: “Be careful! Full moon tonight!” – Anonymous nethack programmer

Fun Fact: "Come on down..." Yes, Jason is a former gameshow host.

Superpower:  Jason would like to have stretchy arms, mainly for being able to get snacks without getting up off the couch!

Hobbies: He enjoys making music, filling his brain with useless trivia, and the occasional home improvement project.

Hometown: Athens, Ohio

Education: Audio Production at Ohio University

Jason has been building websites for 18 years and getting paid for about half of that time, which proves his passion for the art.  He thinks the most important principle of design is knowing how to build complex things from simple pieces. At Marketing Relevance, he does just that - builds beautiful, data-driven websites for clients across the country.  

Having worked in most areas of web development, from configuring servers and managing email to building data visualizations, he has been in the marketing space for many years. Jason has completed work for giant corporate clients and small businesses alike.