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Josh Levinson

Marketing Associate

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Career Highlights: It is still early in Josh’s career, however throughout his time in school he has managed to hold multiple jobs while being a full time student. He has worked at two consecutive bars, currently at The Airliner, a moving company called Adamantine Spine Moving, and he has been working for Marketing Relevance remotely for almost 3 years now. 

Favorite Quote: "Whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it." - Barney Stinson 

Fun Fact: Josh is both CPR and First Aid certified through the American Red Cross. 

Superpower: Josh’s superpower would be telekinesis and knowing what people think and helping them think in a particular direction.

Hobbies: Josh enjoys the normal college hobbies of watching sports, hanging out with friends (when the world isn’t going through a pandemic) and playing video games. 

Hometown: Josh was born in Alpharetta, Georgia,and then moved to Arlington Heights for the rest of his childhood. 

Education: Josh is a recent graduate of the University of Iowa receiving a BBA in Marketing Management. Throughout his time as a student, he participated in multiple school activities including Hawktrade Investment Club and Founders Club.

Josh really taps into his education and class projects when attacking his tasks as a Marketing Associate for Marketing Relevance. Focusing on social media and content marketing, he looks back to classes that specialized in these topics and uses the newest techniques straight out of the college classroom. His approach includes first planning and organizing all relevant data, then assessing prominent areas and creating a task list. Next, he goes through the list and begins checking off each task as completed. 

"I really believe that finding the specific process that works for you is the optimal way to be the most efficient in achieving your goals" is how he drives every project. Determined, reliable and passionate in every piece of work he begins, Josh looks to not only work for the company, but have an impact that pushes the company in a positive direction. When Josh isn’t working, you can find him with his roommates watching some Netflix movie or playing video games. That’s all there really is to do nowadays anyways!