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Karolina Kordek

Content Marketing Manager

Connect with Karolina

Fun Fact: She was born in Poland and can speak semi-fluently.

Industry Involvement: Karolina is always keeping up on social media trends, and has an Instagram for her dogs, @mia.and.benny.

Superpower: She would love to have the power of invisibility.

Hobbies: In her downtime, Karolina enjoys spending time with her dogs, playing Call of Duty and keeping up with the latest tech.

Hometown: Cary, IL

Education: B.S. Advertising Columbia College Chicago

Favorite Quote: Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you. - Anonymous

Karolina has worked in the marketing field since 2017 after graduating from Columbia College Chicago. She is always keeping up with the latest trends in both marketing and technology, which is what drives her success. At Marketing Relevance, Karolina works on content marketing for social media and blogs to create captivating content.