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Ricky Bakosh

Design Director

Career Highlight: Since graduating from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Ricky has freelanced for Fortune 50 companies, worked with clients in the small-to-medium-sized business space, contracted as an in-house designer and worked for design agencies. His wide breadth of experience lends itself perfectly to the fast-paced culture of Marketing Relevance.

Industry Involvement: Ricky is fanatical in keeping up-to-date on the latest design trends, both digital and traditional.

Favorite Quote: "Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” –Joe Sparano

Fun Fact: Ricky plays guitar, drums, bass and a bit of piano!

Superpower: He insists that he already has a super power; that he understands the handshake between form and function.

Hobbies: In his down time, Ricky enjoys yoga, rock climbing, composing, and his rescue dog, Sam (who you may see in our social media feeds from time to time).

Hometown: Irving, Texas

Education: Columbia College Chicago - Bachelor of Fine Arts 2010

Ricky is driven by his desire to create. He has honed his ability to see ‘through the clutter’ and never lose sight of the possible, while always targeting the business objectives. As the Marketing Relevance Design Director, Ricky has his hands on each piece of marketing - both digital and traditional. In addition, he helps to develop brands and collaborates with clients to fully implement their vision.

He is an analytically creative person.  It is what he does, and who he is as he builds campaigns, designs websites, develops brands, composes music, shoots photos, edits video and writes copy. 

After graduating from Columbia College Chicago in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine  Arts, Ricky immediately went into business for himself. He is driven, and is looking to continually grow in his profession, to collaborate, and to learn.

Through his experience, he has worked with many clients, from concept through execution, on projects ranging from complete brand development/deployment (including our own re-brand in 2018), website design, architecture, and design delivery. He works in both the traditional print world and the digital design world. Working with his clients has provided him with deep experience in creative concept development and project management. It has sharpened his ability to see never lose sight of the possible.

His passion for technology and cutting edge techniques is what pushes him into designing inventive, inspiring work.

When Ricky isn't working he's spending time with his rescue dog Sam...who is also one of our office mascots and a lot of fun to have around.