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Sam Bakosh

Office Pup

Career Highlight: Giving each paw and playing fetch

Industry Involvement: Loves to chase squirrels

Favorite Quote: “Whose a good boy?!”

Fun Fact: Sam has many many many nicknames

Superpower: Incredible strength of smell

Hobbies: Sleeping, eating, and chewing on his toys - nothing 'stuffed' is safe around Sam, be warned...

Hometown: Indiana

Education: Bakosh School of Canine Training

Sam is driven by his desire to earn treats! He has polished his skills over the last 14 (dog) years, and honed in on his talents. Some of his many proficiencies include sitting, staying, lay down, paw, fetch, and more! Sam is currently working on learning a new skill: roll over! He also has had exceptional experience licking the mailman and receiving any and all deliveries and guests to the office. Lauren would be happy if he could only get them water or coffee as he met them at the door!

Sam was rescued by our Design Director Ricky Bakosh, almost two years ago. He is a great asset to Marketing Relevance.