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Strategic Marketing

At the center of your overall marketing program, the foundation of your message and the nucleus of your strategy is your marketing footprint. It is where your company crafts and creates the message, builds your brand and drives your leads and sales. It is where your message starts, and where you deliver (or syndicate) your message out from. It should be totally in your control and should be built with the surrounding tactics in mind, so as to utilize them most effectively. Create your message, deliver it to the market and drive traffic and leads to your brand.

Brand and Message

Developing your unique selling proposition (USP) and corporate message starts with your brand and the message you want to share about your company with the market. The collateral material, your email signature, your tagline and all the graphics and imagery you use builds on top of each other to support your brand. All of your creative and branding material either reinforces your message or confuses your customers. Keep your USP and brand consistent with effective branding materials, focused keywords and the right message.

Website and Blog

Your online brand starts with an effective website and blog, and expands to meet and capture web visitors where they shop. The landscape of site development has shifted from building just a pretty site to creating one that works for both consumers and search engines on multiple devices. After all, consumers are searching from mobile devices in unprecedented numbers. Because of these trends and the fact that mobile usage will continue to grow exponentially, your website and blog have become your most important sales and marketing asset. Even after multiple visits to your website during a purchase decision, if a prospect has one bad experience, you may have lost them forever. Your website must always make the best 'first impression', not just upon the first visit but every visit...before, during and after the sale. This is why your website and blog are the foundation that your company must build your entire strategic marketing program on.

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Search Engine Optimization

How do customers find you when they don’t know who you are?

Let’s face it, we all do it; we all go to our favorite search engine when we are looking for something we want to buy. Furthermore, we then click the links at the top of the first page and probably make our purchase decision from those first few links. Knowing what your prospects will type into that search box is hard enough, thinking like the search engine so that your site appears high enough to drive quality traffic (traffic that contacts you and buys) is a whole other story. SEO tactics change quickly, and our team keeps up. If you are confused by Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird or Pigeon, trust our team to guide you through the zoo of changes.

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If you had a free billboard, would you use it?

Your online footprint and visual brand present a billboard to the world. In today’s fast-paced environment, you have less than a second to capture someone’s attention before they move on. Life is too short to be boring. Grab your audience’s attention and don’t let it go with a visual message that stands out amidst the chaos. From business cards to billboards and banner ads to websites, our branding experts will create visuals that draw attention and keep people engaged.

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Social Media

What you say doesn’t have to be personal, but it should have personality.

We're all about creating social media with personality, the kind that everyone is excited about. No mass market broadcasts here; we build content that’s fun, informative, doesn’t preach  too much and has the right balance to keep audiences hitting the like, share and comment buttons. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, if a lizard can make insurance fun, our team can give you a fun personality. You provide your fantastic product or service, we provide the creative campaigns that help you capitalize on your assets to drive more traffic, create engagement, capture leads and increase sales.

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Traditional Advertising is no longer Traditional

We are in new territory and advertising is changing and getting “smarter” every minute. Retargeting, behavioral targeting and selective serving of ads makes us wonder what ‘traditional advertising’ even means anymore. Running an ad in the newspaper, radio or TV; sending out a direct mail piece; having an event where you invite your VIP target list are all still effective when combined with an overall marketing strategy that contains goals and eye catching designs to draw customers in. Broadcasting that allows consumers to pull your message when they want to, through a ‘push marketing’ media (like newspapers or direct mail or other ‘traditional’ media) is todays ‘Traditional Marketing’. We optimize traditional and modern forms of advertising - billboards to banner ads tailored specifically to your needs. Let our experts help determine which marketing or advertising tactics are best for you, and be ready to reach your target audience. 

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Reputation Management

When you Google your name, do you like what you see?

With social media, review sites and the way consumers make decisions to buy things today, it's key that when people talk about you online, they say good things. One bad apple can spoil the bunch and be a huge turn off for potential buyers. The best reputation management program is simply to be transparent and get ahead of any possible ‘unhappy Joe or Jane’. Let’s face it, if you sell enough product, someone will eventually not like you. We work to make your brand advocates more vocal and higher-placed so that potential customers see all of the good reviews, and even how you handle (and then move offline) the neutral comments and complaints.

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Professional Development

Effective companies continue to grow, and keep their staff trained and educated

Every company has room for improvement when it comes to keeping pace with a constantly shifting social media landscape. The strength of your brand is only as strong as your weakest communicator. That means identifying how to optimize Twitter conversations, convert Facebook likes into customers, keep visitors on your web site with fresh design, and perhaps develop high level strategic marketing and sales initiatives. Marketing RELEVANCE President, Mitch Levinson, has a proven record of delivering dynamic workshops that will keep your team members laughing and engaged while learning how to improve sales and marketing. We have added to our speaker line up by including team member Doug Silk as well as Kimberly Mackey from New Home Solutions to bring new voices to you. From simply purchasing their books to hosting them for a thirty minute session, one day education workshop or keynote address, you can bring the latest tools to your team or membership. We have built a series of topics to garner social media engagement, provide context for analytics, and shape a strategy that drives results. We can personalize an event to meet your needs and time available. See our course offerings, read about our speakers, and call us to book your dates before our calendar is filled. 

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